Karate Instructor
Black Belt - 3rd Degree

​Steve Randolph began his Karate training in 1983 with Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu in Everett Washington, at the age of 29. He received his 1st degree Black Belt 6 years later. In 1993 he started training with Ryobu-Kai in Shindo Jinen Ryu where he received his 2nd degree Black Belt in 1998 and his 3rd degree in 2002. During this time, he served as chief instructor at the Everett dojo for Ryobu Kai. He has competed at many local, state, regional and national tournaments where he placed well, competing in Kumite (sparring), Kata (forms), and Weapons. Some of his achievements include: Gold Medalist Weapons Kata, 1988 Washington State Championships. Gold Medalist Kumite, Silver Medalist Kata, Bronze Medalist Weapons Kata, 1990 Washington State Championships. Gold Medalist Kata, Silver Medalist Weapons Kata, 1990 Hayashi-Ha National Championships. Silver Medalist Kumite, Gold Medalist Kata, 1991 Washington State Championships. Steve also attained his certification as USA referee B at the US Open in 2004 where he remained a Judge/Referee for over 22 years with the USA National Karate Federation. In 2010, he took a hiatus from karate to pursue other interests. In 2019 he returned to karate, reuniting with Sensei Casey Mills, joining the Karate Northwest family.